24 Must-Haves For Dog Owners (Easy Checklist)

We’ve worked hard to create the absolute best list of things every dog owner should have on stock.

We’ve included everything from treats and bully sticks to eye drops and dewormer products so you’re well prepared for everything you’ll need.

Let’s get started!

1) First-Aid Essentials

It’s important to be prepared for scratches and wounds. You should have a bandage and wound care products.

These items only cost a few dollars and they can be really important to have if your dog has an accident, gets in a fight, etc.

Here you can find everything you need on this shop.

2) GPS Tracker

It only takes one bad experience before these cheap little $50 devices will give you peace of mind.

If you cannot find your dog you can simply look up exactly where he/she wandered off to. And you will be united again in no time! 

We found them here at EntirelyPets.

3) Mosquito, Tick, & Flea (Repellant & Treatment)

These little creeps should not be anywhere near our pets. But they often are so it’s important to pay attention.

One treatment will last up to 4 weeks. It works in two ways: it kills AND repels. It will keep mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, chewing lice, flea eggs and larvae, and biting flies away.

You can find the best products here (for all dog sizes).

4) Immune Booster

It’s important to help your dog keep a strong immune system as well as healthy skin and strong joints.

These products will do all of that as well as help your furball’s digestive system!

Here’s a link to these products.

5) Bully Sticks

All dogs love protein-packed bully sticks. They last long and they should be 100% natural without any additives, chemicals, or preservatives. Just one ingredient: BEEF.

The ones we link are exactly that!


You can find them all here.

The bully stick helps the dog clean the teeth and keep them healthy.

6) Treats & Long-Lasting Chews

Grain-free cheats filled with wholesome fruits and veggies. You can get them bite-sized or as sticks. Make sure that you get cheats that are 100% free from wheat, soy, corn, fillers, and any artificial colors and flavors.

You find a selection of different sized and types at this store that are 100% free of artificial colors and additives.

They have something for every type of dog.

7) Dental Chews & Toothpaste

It’s very important to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. They need to last long to make sure the dog doesn’t get dental problems later in life. Just like you and I!

  • Dental chews
    These are great for your dog because it helps him/her keep the teeth clean and healthy. And on top of that, these chews also fights bad breath and work great as dog treats as well.
    You can see some great options on this online shop.
  • Toothbrushes (and toothpaste!)
    …are important as well. You cannot rely on your dog when it comes to keeping good hygiene in the mouth. It’s great to offer dental chews like the ones we link to above, but you also need to give the teeth a good thorough clean at least bi-weekly. It will help you get into all the little nooks and crannies that need cleaning!
    Here are some great options we recommend!

8) Anti-itch Shampoo

Dogs often get itchy around the time they start shedding the most or if they have been bothered by other animals or insects.

These shampoos and conditioners help your dog by moisturizing the skin and detangle the hairs. It’s natural products that are great for dogs with sensitive skin.

And they work great together with flea and tick preventing products.

You find these fine products here.

9) Toys (Indoor & Outdoor)

Here are some of the most popular toys for dogs:

  • Balls for indoor and outdoor use
  • Chew toys
  • Plush toys
  • Interactive toys
  • Ropes

These balls are very popular because they are water-proof and will float if you throw them in the water. They also last longer than other regular balls and are great for playing fetch.

The rubber surface makes it ideal for teaching your puppy to play fetch. They are easy for the dog to grab and carry.

You find all these toys here (100% free from parabens and other junk).

10) Shampoo Types You Need

These are specific types of shampoo we recommend.

It’s really important to pay close attention to the types of shampoo you use on your dog. Some brands contain chemicals that might develop irritated skin or even skin diseases. These are great options you can use. If your dog is showing signs of irritated skin you should always consult a vet first to be sure you are using the right products in your specific case.

Shampoo For Removing Smell & Odor

  • Nature’s Miracle Odor Control – Don’t be fooled by the price. Even though this shampoo is really cheap it’s among the best you can get for your dog. It contains no parabens or dyes which makes it great for even sensitive skin. It’s excellent at removing bad odor and smell and will leave your dog with a healthy coat.

Shampoo That Reduces Shedding

  • FURninator De-shedding Shampoo – This shampoo is recommended by a long list of vets and has great ratings everywhere. It’s rich in the fatty acids that your dog needs in order to keep a healthy fur that’s doesn’t shed too much.
    It contains no parabens, artificial colors or chemical dyes, and it’s made in the USA!

Hypoallergenic Shampoo

  • HyLyt Hypoallergenic Shampoo – This is a great option if you suspect your dog is allergic to specific chemicals etc. It’s a soap-free formula is very gentle and prevents flaking and scaling (like seborrhea).

11) Nail Clippers & Trimmers

It’s important to groom your dog’s nails regularly.

These nail clippers are being used by professional groomers and pet owners alike.

The rubber-coated grip helps you get full control even if your dog is a little lively. These work great with big and small dogs.

Here’s a link to these fine tools over here. They have several models so you can find the perfect fit for your breed.

12) $3 Laser Pointer (for training & fun!)

This laser pointer has gained a lot of attention. It’s a really smart little device that lets you play chase all day long.

The LED light option is completely harmless for you and your pet and you will have a ton of fun with this little tool.

It only costs $5 here (with same-day-shipping!).

13) Furniture Covers & Blankets (for visiting friends & family)

It’s a good idea to furniture covers and blankets for when you are bringing your dog to visit friends and family.

It makes it so much easier to bring your dog with you.

Other people might not be willing to have their couch or floor filled with dog smell or dog hair. So they will probably thank you for bringing a blanket or even a full-size furniture cover. It’s a great option to always have these things in your car so you are prepared.

Get them at this store.

14) Pillow Beds & Crate Mats

We all need somewhere to sleep. Having its own pillow bed will help your dog feel at home and ease any anxiety when you’re not around.

It’s also a great idea to bring the pillow bed when you are traveling or visiting friends. That way your dog will know exactly where to be and will feel at home.

These models on this shop are just great!

15) Travel Bowls

These travel bowls will collapse completely. That makes them the ideal food bowl to keep in your car at all times.

They are extremely durable.

You can get on this shop.

16) Car Seat Covers

If you ever consider selling your car it’s almost a must-have to install a car seat cover for Fido. That way you can make sure the odor isn’t too bad and you can easily clean the thing when you need to.

It’s also a great way to make sure your friends want to ride with you as you can just throw the seat cover in the back of the car.

Check out these on this store.

17) Jackets & Raincoats

If you live up in the north it’s a really good idea to get a jacket and a raincoat for your dog. Especially if your breed is not double-layered.

Here you will find jackets & raincoats that are extremely durable and fits well.

If your dog breed isn’t from a cold area you need to make sure he/she can keep warm in the winter months. These breeds only have a single-layered coat and will often struggle in the cold winter:

  • Poodle
  • Malteser
  • Terrier
  • Havanese
  • Spaniels
  • Shit Tzu
  • Brittany
  • Etc.

18) Bow Ties (Yes, Really!)

You might be wondering if this is “necessary” to have, and yes. When you see these cute bow ties you will instantly understand why you definitely need one.

We found them on this store (in combo with a cute costume).

They are the cutest and they won’t bother your dog at all!

19) Personal ID Tags

It’s important to always have an ID tag on your dog. They are priceless when your dogs decide to wander off.

You can have yours made online here for only $5-10!

20) A Spare Leash

This is also one of the essentials you need to have in the back of your car.

You need a spare leash in case your dog gets to play with it and loses it in the house. Or in case it breaks or gets damaged.

These models on this shop are great.

21) Non-Pull Harness

You shouldn’t attach the leash to the collar. It’s much better to get a comfortable harness that doesn’t strangle the dog as the leash gets tight.

There’s a ton of models and sizes and it’s important to get a model that fits your breed.

Here you will find a harness that fits your dog perfectly.

22) Dog Training Books

It’s a great idea to teach your dog some basics skills and tricks. It’s not only (very) practical in the daily routines but it can also be a great bonding experience between you and your dog.

Here are some popular bestseller books for under $10.

These books will let you know exactly how to proceed in any situation and when it’s time to move on to the next thing.

23) A $5 Whistle (to break up a fight)

A whistle is a great way to break up a fight. Especially when your dog is wandering around on its own in a park.

It’s also very helpful to teach your dog to come back to you whenever you blow the whistle. You can also use this whistle to play with your dog and many other things.

Here’s a good selection of cheap whistles.

24) Biodegradable Poop Bags

Last but not least, we always need to have a batch of poop bags nearby.

You can stock up on them here with great bulk discounts.

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