13 Really Funny Dog Pictures (With Captions)

We just LOVE dogs. And dogs have the most awesome expressions on their faces sometimes.

We decided to create a set of images with funny captions out of them. These are some of the funniest dog pictures we have come across and we hope they will make you smile as well.

We couldn’t stop laughing when we made them!

When Master Comes Home, Smelling Like Another Dog

When master comes home smelling like another dog

Just 10 More Times, Pleeeease!!

I think all dog owners can relate to this one. The little sweet ones just never can have enough fetch games right? Maybe 50 times is a more precise description 🙂

Just 10 more times please

Before You Go Upstairs, It Wasn’t Me I Promise!

Oops, doggy has been home alone and made a mess. Again.

Time to put on the cutest and most adorable face possible. Who can resist a pair of poppy eyes anyway?

Before you go upstairs, it wasn't me!

Who Said Snack Time? That’s A Brillant Idea!

Noone likes a snack like our four-legged friends. They can just go on and on.

Sometimes it really takes practice to say no to these cute little eyes and the tongue hanging outside the mouth.

Who said cnack time? That's a brillant idea!

But This IS My Smily, Now Take That Picture

It’s hard not to fall in love with the 35 pounds of love from these miniature boxer dogs.

They are as cute as they are different. It’s hard to tell when they are smiling but who cares. They look gorgeous anyway!

This is my smile, now take that photo

Pretty Pretty Please!! Can I Get Pinned Too?

Here’s another one from the same type of breed. They have become super popular over the last decade. No wonder!

Pretty pretty please, can I get pinned too?

My Human Did This, You’ll Look Cute, They Said

Sometimes people go overboard when dressing up their dogs.

Make sure to have the well-being of the pet in mind at all times when you choose to accessorize. It might not be as comfortable for the little dog as it looks cute.

But this raincoat is just adorable on this little fella!

Ma Human did this, you'll look cute they said

Cheese, Keep Smiling!

Dogs can always make us smile. We could learn a thing or two from them.

Labradors and Golden Retrievers are particularly good at smiling and the look on their faces are just adorable.

Dogs have a special way of telling their owners when they are really happy!

Cheese, keep smiling dog

Two Scoops Please With Strawberry Sauce (Wait, and sprinkles!)

This little cutie also likes a good snack. But remember not to feed your dog too much of the sweet stuff. And never chocolate!

They cannot digest as many snacks and cakes as humans even though they may want to!

Two scoops please, with strawberry sause

Sorry Boss Can’t Do, Gotta Hit The Road

Most dogs really enjoy a good car ride. Especially when they get to ride in the front with the head sticking out the window.

This dog is a real travel-bug. Something we can totally relate to!

Sorry Boss, can't do. Gotta hit the road

Dogs Aren’t Pets, They Are Part Of The Family

Ain’t that true!

Dogs have a way of getting into our families just like kids. And for some families, they are the extra kid or maybe the kids they never got in the first place.

Dogs aren't pets, they are part of the family

A Little More To The Left.. Yes! That’s My Cutest Angle

This dog is probably begging for a bone or a biscuit.

We all know that look when they are trying to get what they want. Too often in the kitchen or around the dinner table.

Time to take a good picture for the family album!

A little more to the left, yes! That's my cutest angle

How ‘Bout Now? Can I Come Please?

Doggy always likes to come along when their owners are going out.

Who likes to be left all alone anyway?

This dog has taken special tactics in use in order to get attention.

How 'bout now? Can I come please?

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