Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair

When we are looking for good vacuumers for dog hair we are specifically looking for vacuumers with:

  • Effective brush-roll for hair (to prevent pet hair tangles)
  • High suction power

On top of that, we are also looking for these standard features:

  • Long cords
  • A cup that’s easy to empty
  • Reasonable price

#1 Our recommendation

The Shark Apex AX912 vacuumer is REALLY great. We have found it to be the best after a lot of research and looking through reviews at several retailers.

We found it at $349, online here with free shipping.

This is a really great vacuumer designed for homes with pets. It’s also a BRILLIANT vacuumer for all other regular purposes in the home.

It comes with:

  • Great tangle-free brush roll that is designed for homes with lots of hair
  • 1-liter capacity (bagless)
  • 14,8 lb.
  • Head mount for furniture
  • 30-feet power cord
  • Cleans all the way to the edges
  • 5-year warranty

#2 – The Cheaper Alternative…

The Bissel 1825 Pet vacuumer is designed specifically for pet owners. It’s also a really good and reliable machine that gets the job done.

We found it at $104 here (also with free shipping).

It comes with:

  • Tangle-free brush roll that is designed for homes with lots of hair
  • 1-liter capacity (bagless)
  • 25-feet power cord
  • 15,4 lb.
  • 3-year warranty

A hand-held alternative

The SV780 Pet Vacuumer from Shark is also a very good option.

It’s a great addition to an upright full-size vacuumer. It gets in everywhere and you can also use it in the car without having to deal with cords (it’s cordless!).

You can find it here at $62.

It has:

  • Especially engineered to pick up pet hair (!)
  • Cordless (and bagless)
  • 4,4 lb.
  • 5-year warranty
  • Wall-mount

It has a brush-roll similar to the big upright normal-sized vacuumers and it is pretty powerful for a handheld device. It will be your friend if you have stairs and other hard-to-reach areas where your dog hairs or cat hairs tend to get in everywhere.