19 Animals With Hilarious Hairstyles (and 3 with UGLY hair)

This dog is so fashionable that it’s hard to compete at all! That hair is just gorgeous and makes you wonder how long time it takes for the owner to put in place in the morning!

Dog with gorgeous haircut

The next contender as “Animal with the weirdest hair” is this monkey.

It seems like it has almost too much hair and the hairline between the funny white facial hair and the other hair is so clean cut!

Monkey with really funny haircut

Time for another monkey with really funny hair.

This is a much smaller monkey and it also has less hair. But the hair is really pointy and looks like a teenager from the ’80s.

Monkey with funny straight hair

This is a Penguin. A real fashionista!

These eyebrows could almost qualify as rat tails. Amazing how it can have such beautiful yellow hair when the rest of the hair is totally black and white!

Pinguin with crazy hair

And now it’s time for our winner among the monkey family!

This monkey hairdo could be taken straight out of the movie Dumb Dumber!

It almost seems like it has walked straight out from the hairdresser!

Monkey with funny hair

Here’s a horse that could model in a shampoo ad.

Notice how perfect the hair blows in the wind to form light and shade. Must be the dream mane for any girl with long hair!
Horse with beautiful hair

Here’s a goat with a nice haircut.

Or should I say a goat that NEEDS a haircut 🙂

It’s a really nice middle parting on that hairdo. It must have taken some time to get it just perfect for the photo.

goat with really long hair

Time for a happy little Poodle.

Poodles have always been famous for their impressive hairstyles. They have the finest curls and they are covering almost all of the body.

Puddle with cute hair

Here’s a confident bird. At least it’s confident enough to pull off a really weird hairdo for us.

Notice how the top feather is sort of hovering like icing on a cake. The perfect finish for this funny hairdo!

Bird with really crazy haircut

Time for another monkey.

For this monkey, it’s all about the beard. And what a beard!

If this monkey was born as a human being it would be the perfect trucker.

monkey with a big beard

This next monkey doesn’t seem too happy.

Maybe that’s because it didn’t have enough time to do and nice haircut this morning.

Well, if I had a pointy nose like this I would also feel a little sad, I guess.

Red monkey with weird hairdo

And now let’s get back to our dog friends.

This dog is also really cute and the hair is almost covering up both the ears, the eyes, and the nose.

Small dog with funny haircut

This bird has some really beautiful colors.

The dark eyes and the gray hair makes it look kind of old. Bird with short and funny hair on the head

Time for the last monkey of the show.

This monkey really has some impressive hair going for it. It’s all over the place and it’s almost as white/grey as an old woman. A strong contrast to the red and pink face color.

Monkey with a lot of facial hair

Here we have an alpaca.

They are also famous for having really funny hairdos. The hair looks almost like dreadlocks and they typically cover the eyes.

Beware of these creatures because they might spit at you just like a llama.

alpaca with weird hairdo

And here is the winner of the Lama family.

What a beautiful white furry hairdo. They have really fine woll that you can actually use for knitting. The hair is nice and warm and it also keeps the Llama warm during the cold season.

Alpaca with amazing curly hair

Finally, 3 animals with the WORST haircuts!

Let’s finish off with some of the worst hairdos we have come across in the animal kingdom.

The first one to open the big show is this Dromedary. It seems like it’s not only suffering from pathetic hair loss but also misses a tooth or two.

Dromedar with funny hair

We lied before. We have just one more monkey for you before you’re off the hook.

This really charming red-eyed monkey was just too charming to leave out. It doesn’t have an impressive hairstyle but that doesn’t seem to bother it 🙂

Smiling monkey with less hair

The last animal we found with the worst haircut is this ox. It really needs a haircut.

Ox with funny hair over eyes

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