Aquarium In Bedroom? 5 Things To Consider (Before You Do It)

It can be really cozy to look at the fish while falling asleep. So you might be wondering whether it’s a good idea or not to place the aquarium in the bedroom.

Can You Keep An Aquarium In The Bedroom?
The bedroom can be a fine place for your aquarium. One thing to consider is the noise coming from the aquarium as it might keep you awake. For others, it will a soothing sound that promotes sleep.

Here is some more information on things you need to consider.

5 Things To Consider About Aquariums In Bedrooms

Overall, you can totally have your aquarium in the bedroom. It’s actually a good idea to have it here because this is a quiet place during nighttime and during the day there’s not too much activity going on in this room either.

It’s a good thing to place your aquarium in a room with as little activity as possible. Because the fish will notice and react to all the movement in the room.

Whether it is humans walking by or flashing lights the fish will get a little stressed if it gets too much.

Therefore the bedroom is an optimal place to put your aquarium in most cases because it is a quiet and silent place.

Let’s get over a few things you would need to consider in order to make this work optimally.

1) You might need a quiet filter

The filter of the aquarium will make some noise and it’s probably best to invest a little bit a more quiet filter if you haven’t done so already.

The beginner’s filters you normally get with a beginner’s aquarium will be quite noisy. So you need to take a trip to the pet store in order to acquire a more silent model.

If you want to quiet the filter you already have you can place it on a piece of fleece (or similar). There are many little tricks to remove some of the noise from the air pump and the first thing you should check is always to place it on a soft surface.

The important thing here is to not switch it off during the night because the filter needs to be on all the time.

2) You can set a timer to switch off the light

While the filter needs to be turned on at all times the light is a different story. It’s alright to turn off the light during the night. It’s actually a good practice because it gives the fish the experience of day and night.

You can do this with the timer in order to do it automatically.

3) Watch the humidity in the room

Bedrooms tend to get quite humid, especially if you do not open the window during the night. And you shouldn’t open the window because it will cause a temperature drop that might not work well for the fish.

So in order to keep the humidity in place, you’ll need a lid for the aquarium. Otherwise, it will just add even more moisture should the room.

You can use a dehumidifier during the night or in the morning if it gets too much. I am personally using this model which is a very good dehumidifier that’s both cheap and almost completely silent compared to other similar models:

I bought the model here at

I have tried other bigger models and they were quite noisy compared to this little bandit. It’s almost silent so I am able to let it run during the night in the wintertime when I cannot sleep with the window open.

4) Avoid direct sunlight

You need to place the aquarium in a place without direct sunlight.

Most people like to pull off the curtains in the morning to enjoy the morning sun but you shouldn’t place the aquarium so the sun will shine correctly on it.

This is because direct sunlight will affect the production of algae in the water. Within a short period of time, the aquarium will have way too many algae in the water. It’s not so much that the fish can tolerate direct sunlight because this is quite natural for them in nature. But it’s really annoying if the algae production starts spiking.

5) Avoid using the AC

As mentioned above, you can place your fish tank anywhere in the house you like. But there’s one more issue you need to take into consideration when we are talking about the bedroom of the house.

This is typically the room where we will have an active AC running during night time. Most people prefer a colder bathroom during the night that this is not optimal for the little fish.

Fish needs a good stable temperature all through the 24 hours of the day. They will not enjoy a temperature drop during the night.

Instead of using the AC you might just change your blankets to a thinner version or sleep with less clothing on your body to keep you from sweating.

Can A Fish Tank In Your Bedroom Be Unhealthy?

There’s nothing unhealthy about a fish tank. No matter where you place it, the thing is very harmless and will not cause any problems.

You won’t have any trouble sleeping in the same room as your fish because the water has to be pretty clean in order for them to survive.

The only thing that could impact you would be the noise from the air pump as we talked about above.

So, off with you to the store to get a fish tank for your bedroom. You just need to make sure that it is big enough to accommodate the fish inside it. If you haven’t got enough space in the bedroom you should find a bigger place instead of compromising the size of the aquarium.

Good luck with the project!

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